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All the world's a stage...

... the men and women merely players.

Monologue Mountain
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The purpose of Monologue Mountain to create a community environment for actors to share monologues.
This is a community set up for actors to find monologues, since there isn't one already. So here it is. Post your monologue, the play it was from, the author, and, if you can, the year the play was published. Enjoy! And Spread The Word!

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, here's how this works: You post a monologue, preferably one that you would use or recommend using. If, for one reason or another, you'd never use it use it, please don't post it. When you post the monologue, please post the play and author it's from, when it was published (if you can, that is), the character who's doing the monologue, and a little bit of background. If this works, this should be a great resource for other actors like yourself to find decent (and even good!) monologues! ENJOY!

This community is maintained by noogz. Direct any questions, comments or suggestions to noogz_haven@hotmail.com