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Poll!! - All the world's a stage...
... the men and women merely players.
H'okay folkies, I wanna make this a better site for YOU. In order to do that, i'd like to get more features, but haven't the money to do it.

We can always switch to a Plus Account.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of account types.

Poll #967207 Ads or No Ads?

Would you rather have more features with some ads? Or status quo?

More Features w/ Ads!
Status Quo. No ads for me.

Keep in mind, IF we change over to a Plus Account (more features w/ ads) we can always change back.

I'm going to leave this up for a month, or so, since i know there's not much activity here. After a month (May 16th) I'm gonna act on the outcome of the poll. Please participate?

If we change over, I'll give it a month... and then post another poll to keep the status quo, or change back to basic.

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